Artists Need Plumbers Too: Part 2

My clay recycling tanks are fitted with screens to catch the large chunks of clay. The smaller pieces and the slurry that I pour in go right through the screen and into the vats. The screens are easily removable so I can just pick them up and dump the large chunks into my rehydration vats, the place I store my clay until it is moist enough for wedging and becoming incorporated into other projects.  The slurry in the tanks, on the other hand, begins to separate. The clay settles to the bottom of the tank and the water at the top begins to get visibly cleaner.

My recycling system allows me to drain the top water off whenever I think it is clean enough. The beauty of the system is that the water doesn’t go down the drains, My plumber piped it to my garden where it is pumped into my irrigation system. When enough clay accumulates in the bottom of the recycling tanks, I just scoop it out and dump it into the rehydration vats to be mixed with the other clay of the same type. When the clay in the rehydration tanks is about the right consistency I scoop it out and place it on my wedging table to wedge so that it is ready to use in my next project. And who do I have to thank for all of this ingenuity? My plumber of course!  Contact a company in plumbing installation in Kirtland OH for more information.


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