How to Diagnose a Slab Leak

Sometimes, plumbing repair can be a simple do-it-yourself project. Sometimes, as in the case of a suspected slab leak, it is time to call a professional.  A slab leak is an issue that is simple to diagnose, but difficult to repair.

For homes raised on a concrete foundation with no basement, the original piping is often copper. Copper piping is relatively cheap, strong and easy to work. However, in cities with high chlorine content in their water, the copper can develop leaks that are difficult to find. Most of the piping resides in the actual concrete slab. The only piping that is not in the slab are the stub-ups for bathrooms, the kitchen, and the laundry room.

Sometimes, a slab leak can be difficult to find unless you are actively looking for one. The most obvious sign of a slab leak would be a visual leak. Pressurized water from the piping will find cracks and crevices in the house’s foundation and eventually make its way up where it can be seen. Low points in the foundation like the garage can be one location where a slab leak will surface. For more information contact a professional in septic inspection in Timberlake NC.


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