Troubleshooting Leaky Faucets

Have you noticed a leaky faucet in your home? It may be in the kitchen, bathroom, or tub that has a constant drip even when the faucet is off. While this might seem like a small issue, it should not be something to ignore! A leaky faucet could be a early warning sign of a bigger issue.

When you find the faucet that has been dripping and leaving puddles in the tub or sink, what should you do? Firs you should make sure that all faucet handles are surely off to make sure it is actually a leak. Once this is confirmed, you’ll want to find the shut-off valve. Many times this is directly below your sink. The reason for finding this is to cut off all water flow to that faucet before making any repairs. Many times their can be a loose or worn out pipe. Having a plumber come check out this pipe is likely your best option. They will be able to tell the problem and how to fix it since they are pros!

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