Plumbing Repair: Tips for Spring

Since spring is almost upon us, now is definitely a good time to start checking around your home to ensure everything is working and operating properly. One of the areas of your home you definitely want to make sure is working is your plumbing. In order to do your part by making sure you do not have plumbing issues, you should check your kitchen, your bathroom, and other common areas. In order to do so, contact a professional in Plumbing Service in Belvedere CA.

When you are ready to do some spring cleaning on your drains and your pipes, here are a few plumbing repair tips:

  • Inspect your faucets for leaks and/or drips.
  • Make sure your toilets are not leaking. If you want an easy way to test your toilet for leaks you can put food coloring in the tank. If your toilet has a leak, you will see the color in the bowl.
  • Make sure your toilets are flushing properly. If you have to repeatedly shake your handle to make it flush properly, then you will need to have some parts replaced. These parts are certainly affordable, and you can save money on your water bill by having it replaced.

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