Plumbing Service Work That Prevents Indoor Flooding (Pt. 2)

Get Slow Draining And Clogged Sinks Fixed

A slow draining sink is a sign of a clog forming in the drainpipe below the sink. Clogged or slow draining sinks cause flooding when a child or even an adult turns on the water and leaves it running because of a distraction. Depending on the plumbing arrangement and the clog’s location, water flowing into a sink or bathtub drain elsewhere in your home can back up and overflow from the sink that drains slowly. If the overflow isn’t witnessed by anyone, significant flooding can occur. Dishwashers that discharge water into a clogged sink drain can also cause extensive flooding. When Drano type products don’t resolve the problem, call a plumber.

Do you have plumbing that requires maintenance or repair? Call plumbing installation in Mentor OH to discuss the issue!


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