6 Reasons Why Plumbers and Homeowners Love PEX

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they need to update some plumbing. Whether your house has copper, PVC, or galvanized steel pipes, everything eventually comes to the end of its lifespan and then you have to make a decision on a new material. Many plumbers are using PEX tubing wherever they can, but some homeowners are a little leery, since it’s a newer product. If you’re on the fence about PEX, here are 6 reasons to jump on board.

1. PEX is flexible, so there’s no need for multiple connections and fittings every time it needs to make a turn. Less piecing together means less materials, and less chance for leaks.

2. It’s much faster to install, which translates to less labor costs for homeowners.

3. It costs about 25% less than copper pipes.

4. PEX doesn’t corrode, leaving homeowners with no concerns over water quality issues.

5. Less damage when installing. In the past, walls would need to be opened up to run new pipe, but PEX can be installed by snaking it through walls without making holes, similar to electrical wire.

6. Less freezing. PEX is designed to expand, so when you experience some cold weather, you can expect it to give a little and not burst as easily as most pipe materials.

Whether you need just a small section of pipe replaced or you’re looking at a major renovation, you need to consider all your options and pick the best choice. Many reputable, licensed professionals in plumbing in Hopatcong NJ recommend PEX because it’s not only easy to work with for them, but it saves homeowners money and possible future problems.


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