Two Things Every Homeowner Should Know When Looking for a Plumber

Reviews – How hard is the plumber to work with? Do they accomplish what they promise? Do they listen to what you have to say? Do they clean up after themselves? Even if they have all the experience in the world, what good are they if they won’t listen to where you say the knocking is coming from?

Cost – According to Doug Bonderud, Angie’s list contributor, “Most professional plumbers offer free estimates to customers. Most will come to check out the job before they start work. Once your prospective plumber has had a chance to look over the job and provides you with a number for cost, ask if what he has quoted you includes materials, labor and a contingency for any problems. Some estimates look great on paper but only include the basic cost of materials and will skyrocket as a job goes on.”

Materials and time involved play a part in choosing a plumber, but these issues you deal with once you have selected a plumber. Don’t settle, do your homework, and if you need a plumbing installation in Wickliffe OH, click the link to speak with a qualified professional.


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