When DIY Plumbing Repair is a Don’t

You might be breaking the law. You need a new water heater, and your cousin put one into his house a couple of years ago. You reason that the two of you can handle it and save money in the process. Some research assists your decision on which to pick up from the home improvement store, but that research may not have told you that you need a permit. Local governing bodies often require a licensed plumber to install water heaters, as well as an inspection to ensure it was completed properly. When selling a property, you might run into code violations if you installed an additional bathroom without proper permits. Connect with a professional. You will avoid potential legal issues.

You may make things worse. Replacing the bathtub faucet and tub stopper sounds like an easy afternoon chore. One wrong turn of the wrench and the pipe behind the wall is leaking into the basement. Now you are tearing out the tub surround and considering a welding apprenticeship to put it all back together. No need for a second career. Professionals use the right tools in the right way.

Some plumbing jobs are well within reach of the savvy homeowner. Contact a professional in plumbing service in Belvedere CA, especially when your wife says it is time to get help.


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