How to Fix Frozen Pipes

That’s actually a trick question. The best way to deal with frozen pipes is through preventative action. However, we humans are not always perfect, and if you do find yourself in the situation where your pipes are frozen, it’s important to understand how you can fix them.

West Boylston MA plumbers explain that while not all frozen pipes burst, many do. When this happens, it’s due to an outstanding amount of pressure being placed on the pipes from the frozen water inside of them. The pressure will create a tiny leak and all of the water flowing through the pipe will then quickly make its way into your home.

When thawing a frozen pipe, you should first shut off your water supply.  The steps after this can get messy, because the ice inside the pipe might be acting as a plug for the flowing water. Once you thaw that ice using a furnace, hair dryer or heat lamp, leaks can occur. This job is made for professional plumbers, so don’t attempt to tackle it yourself unless you have extensive experience.


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