Are You Contaminating Your Water Supply?

It’s common to assume that our tap water is always safe to drink. We rarely give the matter a thought except when reading the odd news article about a community suffering from a contaminated water supply. It’s also assumed that when drinking water gets contaminated, it’s caused by forces beyond our control. However, this isn’t always true because people often unknowingly do things that place their water supply at risk.

Backflow and Cross-Connections

A backflow occurs when water flows backward from a source of contamination into your water supply. For this to happen, there must be an actual pathway (called a cross-connection) for contaminated water to access your water supply. In addition, the pressure of this contaminated water must be higher than your water supply pressure.

Use Backflow Preventers

Any systems that connect directly into your water supply should have the right backflow prevention device. The DIY plumbing person must always keep backflow in mind when doing their projects. If you are uncertain about this, hire a plumbing service in Larkspur CA .

You may be wondering how your water supply pressure can drop. A pipe in your home or a water main can break. A truck can back into a fire hydrant, or water usage can be unusually high.

If you have any questions about avoiding residential backflow, be sure to contact an expert.


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