Artists Need Plumbers Too (Pt. 1)

Is an artist, I work primarily with clay but there are other materials as well that I am concerned about putting down my pipes. I surely don’t want to get on the wrong side of the law doing so! An environmentalist at heart, I am also very concerned about recycling. Clay is a natural resource and the less I throw away, the less has to be dug from the earth. While not really harmful from an environmental perspective, clay can be expensive. I like to save every last smidgen of it that I can so I can reuse it in other projects. An added concern, as I learned the hard way, is that clay will stop up your pipes tighter than a bank vault!

So, the first thing I called on my plumbers in Glencoe IL for was to design and install a recycling tank where I could throw all of the giblets of clay left over from various hand building projects and the clay slurry from my wheel work. They came through beautifully! I now have a clay recycle system that is compliant with all regulations, is easy to use, and has saved me tons of time and aches and pains from carrying buckets of slurry outside to dump on the lawn plants. Before my recycling tank, that was the only option I had to keep from pouring it down my drains and getting them stopped up all over again! If you would like to learn more about my clay recycling tank and other gadgets that my plumber built to make life easier for me around my studio, read Part II of this article.


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