Freshen Your Toilet Bowl with This Fantastic Trick: A Plumbing Service Tells All

Today we would like to share with you a fantastic trick for cleaning the bowl of your toilet. The key to getting the most cleaning power out of your chosen toilet cleaner, while using the least amount of cleaning solution, is to first empty your toilet bowl! When you squirt cleaning solution into a bowl that is full of water, the solution is immediately diluted. Now that your toilet bowl is empty except for about a cup of residual water at the very bottom, squirt your chosen bowl cleaner directly onto the sides of the toilet bowl. Instead of becoming immediately diluted by water in the bowl, the cleaner remains in its concentrated form, and is better able to perform its very important job of deodorizing and sanitizing your throne. For more tricks on maintaining your bathroom plumbing systems, or for all your plumbing service needs, check out plumbing in Shrewsbury MA.


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