Spring Cleaning and Your Home’s Plumbing

Your home’s plumbing system works less efficiently as time goes on. While there are a lot of contributing factors here, the main ones are the lack of maintenance and misuse. Fortunately, it’s spring cleaning time and that means that you should use the following tips to keep your plumbing working seamlessly.

•    Remove the cover from your drains and look for any hair or soap scum that may clog them up.
•    If you have older showerheads or faucets, it’s time to change their connections, seals, and washers, as they do corrode with age. A professional plumber can help you if you’re not comfortable making this update on your own.

Although these are things that you can do yourself, there are still many things that you’ll want a professional to do for you. Call plumbing in Birmingham AL today!


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