Do I Need a Plumbing Service to Install a Toilet?

Do you really need a plumbing service to install a new toilet? There is no shortage online of blog articles and videos explaining how to install a toilet or make other bathroom renovations. These resources do make things look easy, don’t you agree? However, we often receive calls from consumers who end up paying more because they just don’t have the skills to properly complete the job or have made problems worse.

Replacing a toilet happens more often than one would expect. There are times an accident cracked the fixture or the base starts leaking. Sometimes a blockage requires completely removing the toilet. Additionally, from time to time, people are upgrading to an aging-friendly model or just want a change. Nonetheless, the best option is always hiring a plumbing service.

As many homeowners learn the hard way, do-it-yourself plumbing projects rarely go as planned. It is not enough to know the basic steps of a toilet installation. A plumber has the tools and experience that only make these projects look easy. Using a plumbing service ensures the project is right the first time.

Here is one recent example we encountered. A young couple newly acquired their first home and decided to update and renovate the main bathroom. They did all the work themselves. However, a few weeks later they noticed a wet spot forming on the ceiling just below the second-floor bathroom. Everything looked good when done, but there was a leak causing damage.

Replacing a toilet can seem like a straightforward project. However, the young couple made a small error installing the wax ring that created an initially unnoticed leak. Using a plumbing service to replace a toilet may seem a bit pricey for what appears like an easy task. However, making a mistake will cost you more.

If you would like to talk about installing a new toilet, or need more information, please contact local plumbers Deerfield IL


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