Number One Plumbing Tip for Novice Homeowners

Just bought a new house? We don’t need to tell you what a huge responsibility homeownership is. In many ways, learning to take care of your new home will occur naturally as issues come up. In time, you will learn how to replace the air conditioning filter yourself, and you will figure out how to plunge your own backed-up toilet. You will learn that it is in your best interest to label the fuses in your breaker box, and you will learn what happens when you don’t clean the leaves out of your downspout. Over time, you will learn everything about how to take care of your home, and move from being a novice homeowner, to a seasoned one.

However, there is one aspect of the care and keeping of your home that you should not put off, and that is learning how to turn off the flow of water into your residence, should an emergency occur. Usually water can be turned off at the water meter itself. Your water meter may be on the side of your home, or may be under a cover in your yard. Either way, it is a good idea to locate it before an emergency happens.

Some municipalities levy a fine on any person who tampers with a water meter, and if that is the case, you will certainly want to ensure a back-up shut-off valve is installed. Usually these back-up valves are installed where the water main connects to your home. Your local plumbing company can advise you on the best way to turn off your water in an emergency, if you need a secondary shut-off valve installed, and where the best place is to install it.

Don’t put your brand new home at risk for water damage. Learn to stem the flow of water before an emergency happens. For more information about emergency shut-off valves, or for all your plumbing in West Boylston MA, contact your local provider today!


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