6 Easy Plumbing Tips for Fall

For most regular home maintenance, the fall season is the best time to perform plumbing tune-ups. Because the last thing you’ll want to have to deal with when it starts to get cooler, is a plumbing problem that just can’t wait.

To help you along, here are some fall plumbing tips to ensure that all of your plumbing is working as expected this season.

Sprinklers: Not everyone has an in-ground sprinkler system, but those who do know the importance of regular maintenance. Have a professional check those hoses and heads before you put them to rest this season.

Gutters: While we enjoyed a wonderful summer, it’s enough to make you forget about the rain and chill that comes in fall. Regular gutter and downspout inspections stop rainwater from finding its way into unwanted places.

Insulate: Exposed plumbing can cause condensation and leak onto the floor. Have a professional insulate your exposed pipes so that they retain efficiency, and don’t drip where you don’t want them to.

Water heater: You can never truly appreciate a water heater until the day you don’t have one. Avoid a water heater tragedy by making fall your annual water heater check-up time.

Sewer/septic system: Fall is also a great time to have your sewer and septic system inspected. An annual snaking or a drain tune-up will keep your plumbing clean and clear all season long.

HVAC system: Check your filters and heat pumps on your HVAC system. A clean filter keeps your system working efficiently, while a well-oiled heat pump ensures that you’ll have a warm home when the temperatures fall.

Fall is the right time for home plumbing inspections. Start this season on the right foot, and contact the a professional service that specializes in plumbing in Greencastle IN.

us today to schedule a home plumbing check-up.


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