Plumbing Repair: Go Beyond the Basics with High Tech Imaging & Diagnostics

Gone are the days when plumbing repair companies had to tear apart a home’s system piece-by-piece to locate a clog or examine the extent of a leak. Today, professionals have high-tech imaging and diagnostic tools at their disposal. Consequently, complex plumbing problems are often solved quickly with little to no cosmetic damage to a person’s home or business.

For example, did you know that micro-size video cameras and digital diagnostics do more than just allow plumbing repair pros to see inside of a building’s pipes? They can also help plumbing professionals record information and put it into a format that is easy to access and share.

Why is that important? Imagine a property owner that intends to submit a plumbing related claim to his or her insurance company. By hiring plumbing repair professionals that use micro video and digital diagnostics, he or she can be assured of several things. First, the plumbing team will find all of the systems problems and document them thoroughly. This is crucial because we all know that without proper documentation, an insurance company won’t even consider making a settlement offer.

Second, the plumbing repair team will go ahead and professionally solve all of the problems identified during the inspection process. Afterward, the video cameras can be used to provide concrete proof that all of the promised repairs have been made as requested. In the olden days, those things weren’t always possible. Thus, the fear that something will be missed along the way is effectively eliminated.

Contact your local Greencastle IN Plumbing professionals for more information.


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