Avoid Plumbing Repair to Fix Your Garbage Disposal with These Basic Tips

A garbage disposal may need to be repaired or replaced at some point in time, but there is no reason to speed up this process by misusing this helpful kitchen device. However, it is important to get your plumbing checked when you do start having issues with your garbage disposal to see if it can be repaired.

For the most part, you can avoid problems by following some basic tips:

Use Cold Water to Grind

Cold water causes oils to solidify, so when they go down the drain, the garbage disposal will be able to grind them properly. When using hot water instead, the oils stay liquefied and cannot be ground, which can lead to clogged drains that need to be fixed with plumbing service.

Ideally, even after the garbage disposal stops grinding, you should keep it running for thirty seconds to a minute to make sure everything has been cleaned out, which helps prevent potential clogs.

Operate It Regularly

Not using your garbage disposal on a regular basis can lead to rust and corrosion, which is exactly what you do not want to happen as this leads to necessary repairing or even replacing the entire device.

Also, when you do not use it regularly, you may forget that there is food ready for grinding, which can cause the disposal blades to get stuck or clogged when you do try to grind the food.

Let Food Clean the Walls

While most bones should not go down the drain as it will likely cause problems, there are certain bones, such as chicken and fish bones that can be beneficial by cleaning the walls of the garbage disposal.

Maintaining and using a garbage disposal properly is not that tough, but there is always the chance that you end up having some troubles with getting it to run or operate as intended. Contact a Birmingham AL plumbing professional when you need help with your garbage disposal or anything plumbing-related that you can’t do yourself.


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