New Surrounding, Same Plumbing Issues

This time last year, my sister and I had just moved into our new home in Avon IN. We both were working for the same company and got transferred to IN but were very excited. We moved into our house in November, and just one month later we already had a problem. We never got a home inspection because we knew it would cost us. The sellers were obviously happy because they knew that they had a problem in their plumbing system but wouldn’t have to deal with it. One cold night in December, our pipes burst waking us up at 3am. There was water everywhere and we had no idea what to do. We got on our phones and googled plumbing in Avon IN. Being new to this part of the country, we didn’t have anyone to call so we had to rely on Google. We found a company that actually answered our call at 3:00 in the morning. They were able to set up a visit at 8am that morning and fixed our system. We told them we couldn’t pay all at once and they were fine with that. They let us set up a financial plan and make payments every month. Since we learned from our mistake the first time, we set up a time for them to come inspect our entire system as well. Luckily, they didn’t find any more problems and we were all set. We now have a reliable company to call for emergencies regarding our plumbing.


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