That Annoying Leak…

What’s the first thing you do when you have a leak? For me, I’ll usually try to fidget with the handles and see if I can slow down the leak at all. Sometimes I’ll even get a little crazy and take out the pliers to give those a shot, but still basic stuff like twisting the knobs and seeing if I can make it stop. If the damage is unnoticeable I’ll just leave it alone. But occasionally, I’ll notice that the wall might be soft, or there are other signs of water damage, and if I can’t get the drip to stop, that’s when I know its time to call a plumber. Folks like this Arlington VA plumbers will come out anywhere in Washington, DC and check out the problem for you. Plus they offer a variety of services and you can submit a form right from the site. That’s probably more convenient for non-emergency problems but I’m willing to bet most plumbers to emergency repairs pretty quickly, even in a big city like that.


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