Tankless Water Heaters – FAQ’s

Thinking of purchasing a tankless water heater? Perfect timing to come to our blog because today we’re going to hit some of the frequently asked questions regarding tankless water heaters. As always, to learn more about tankless water heaters – call your local Worcester MA plumbers today!

What is it?: Water heater in a compact size providing steady flow of hot water as long as you need.

How does it work?: The biggest difference is your standard water heater stores water and heats it all the time. The new tankless water heaters only heat up the water on demand. 

Can we install it in the same place as my old water heater?: As long as the combustion air is providing enough support. It should be able to fit in your garage, basement, furnace room and even places your old bigger water heater couldn’t fit.

Stay tuned for some more tips and FAQ’s.


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