Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

Good morning all. Today I want to share a few common myths and questions about the plumbing world. These are important for those of you who are just starting out in the real world in a new place (whether you own or rent). Any questions about plumbing issues, be sure to check with your local Alexandria plumber today. 

Will using drain products from your local hardware store solve the problem of my clogged sink?

Absolutely not! It may solve the issue in the short term but will damage the pipes in the long run. Most of these products contain chemicals including acid which end up deteriorating or putting small holes in the pipe. It will likely cost major repairs down the road then calling and dealing with the plumber in the first place. 

If a couple strands of hair end up in the sink it won’t matter, I can flush them down the drain.

Wrong! It is amazing how one long hair can slow down the draining of water. It all adds up and if you don’t want the plumber coming over any time soon, clean each piece of hair you see!

I can do it myself… at least it will save me money!

Incorrect again! In most cases, homeowners (or renters) who try and do it themselves make the issue worse than it started out to be. It will cost you even more now because you have made the situation worse than it started out to be. 


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