Plumbing History

You may not believe it, but plumbing systems have been around since ancient times. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Persians, Indians, and Chinese all had some form of plumbing. Granted, they didn’t have rainforest shower heads and hybrid water heaters, but they did have simple forms of removing waste water and providing potable water.

One of the more well known examples of ancient plumbing were the public bath houses. Since private bathrooms were in impractical at the time, public baths were created for citizens to bathe and were often a spot for social gathering. Below, you can see a modern day view of one of Rome’s ancient bat houses:

RomanBathNot sure bathing in there is going to get you cleaner.

Today, many countries still offer public bath houses and are an important part of a community. Most are considerably cleaner than the one above. Of course, many countries are moving away from public bath houses to modern, private plumbing that are serviced by your local plumber. None the less, it’s still important to remember that plumbing technology has been around for thousands of years and will continue to evolve. And for those that one to relive the old days, you can always follow this kid’s lead:

Tutorial: How to get giardia


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